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Buying a Short Sale Home?


Can A CDPE Help Me Buy A Home.....Absolutely!

If you are a buyer in today's Phoenix real estate market and are looking at possbily making an offer on a short sale, then having a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) represent you is a must. 

As a CDPE, not only can I help seller's in distressed situations sell their homes through a short sale, but I can put this same knowledge to work for you as your Buyer's Agent.  As a CDPE, I work together with the listing agent, as an ally not an adversary, to get the buyer's offer on a short sale home accepted.  In today's market, it takes a team, working for the same end result, to get a short sale through.  As a CDPE, I bring a thorough knowledge of the short sale process as well as a list of the decision makers at the various banks that I have completed short sales with to the table.  Armed with this type of exclusive access, a buyer greatly increases their chances of getting their offer accepted when enlisting the help of a CDPE as their Buyer's Agent.  As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I know what the bank is looking for in an offer from a buyer.  I know how to "package" the buyer's offer with local statistics, sales graphs, and timely articles that make our case on why the bank should accept the buyer's offer now instead of letting the home go in to foreclosure.

Does it cost me more to have a Certified Distressed Property Expert represent me as my Buyer's Agent.....Absolutely Not!

Just like in a typical real estate transaction where the seller pays the commission for both the seller's agent and the buyer's agent, the same holds true for a short sale transaction.  The only difference is that in a short sale, the bank that holds the first loan for the seller is the party that will pay the Realtor's commissions not the actual seller. So, by using a Certified Distressed Property Expert to help you buy your next home, not only are you being represented by an agent with the highest level of credentials available in the short sale market today, but all this is provided to you at no additional cost as a buyer. 

Buying Phoenix Short Sale Homes Expert